ARK: Survival Evolved (2017) Game Icons and Banners

ARK: Survival Evolved, released in 2017, is a survival game that has captivated players with its immersive world filled with dinosaurs, crafting, and exploration. An often overlooked but essential aspect of this game is its use of icons and banners. These graphical elements are not just for show; they play a crucial role in the player’s experience by aiding navigation, conveying vital information, and enhancing the visual appeal of the game.

The Evolution of Game Icons

The design of game icons in ARK: Survival Evolved has undergone significant changes since its inception. Initially, the icons were simple and functional, designed to help players quickly identify various items, resources, and creatures. As the game evolved, so did the icons. They became more detailed, colorful, and representative of the game’s rich environment. Today, the icons are a blend of artistic detail and practical functionality, designed to enhance the overall gaming experience.

Significance of Icons in ARK: Survival Evolved

Why are icons so important in ARK: Survival Evolved? For starters, they provide quick identification of items, creatures, and resources, which is essential in a game where quick decision-making can mean the difference between survival and death. Additionally, well-designed icons add to the visual appeal of the game, making it more engaging and enjoyable. They also play a crucial role in the player’s experience, helping to create a more immersive and intuitive interface.

Key Icons in the Game

Let’s delve into some of the key icons you’ll encounter in ARK: Survival Evolved:

Character Icons

Character icons are designed to represent the various avatars and NPCs within the game. These icons help players manage their characters and identify NPCs quickly. The designs are often detailed, reflecting the unique traits and gear of each character.

Dinosaur Icons

Given that dinosaurs are a major aspect of ARK: Survival Evolved, it’s no surprise that dinosaur icons are plentiful. These icons not only help identify the different species but also provide quick information about their status, such as whether they are tamed or wild.

Resource Icons

Resources are the backbone of survival in ARK. From wood and stone to rare gems and metals, each resource has a distinct icon that makes it easy for players to identify and manage their inventory. Common resources have simpler icons, while rare resources often have more intricate designs.

Tool and Weapon Icons

Tools and weapons are essential for survival and combat. Their icons range from simple tools like axes and picks to advanced weapons like firearms and explosives. These icons have evolved over time to become more detailed and representative of their real-world counterparts.

Banner Designs in ARK: Survival Evolved

Banners in ARK serve multiple purposes, from marking territories to celebrating events. Their designs have evolved significantly since the game’s release. Initially, banners were simple and utilitarian. Over time, they have become more elaborate, incorporating intricate designs, vibrant colors, and thematic elements that reflect the game’s ongoing events and updates.

Creating an Engaging Banner

What makes a banner engaging? Here are some key elements:

  • Key Elements: A good banner should include symbols or images that are instantly recognizable and relevant to the theme or event it represents.
  • Color Schemes: Effective use of color can make a banner stand out. Bright, contrasting colors draw attention, while more subdued colors can create a more serious tone.
  • Text and Font Usage: Text on banners should be clear and easy to read. The choice of font can also convey a lot about the theme or mood of the banner.

Impact of Banners on Player Engagement

Banners can significantly impact player engagement. Well-designed banners can attract new players by highlighting game events or updates. They also enhance the gaming experience by adding a layer of visual interest and excitement. For instance, event-specific banners can create a festive atmosphere and encourage players to participate in special activities.

Customizing Icons and Banners

One of the great features of ARK: Survival Evolved is the ability to customize icons and banners. Players can create their own designs or download community-created content. This customization allows for a more personalized gaming experience and fosters a sense of community among players. While official designs are often polished and professional, unofficial designs can be just as impressive, offering unique and creative takes on the game’s graphical elements.

Technical Aspects of Icon and Banner Design

Creating icons and banners is not just about artistic talent; it also involves technical skills. Designers use various software tools to create these elements, such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and other graphic design programs. The design process includes sketching, digitizing, and optimizing the icons and banners for different platforms to ensure they look good on all screen sizes and resolutions.

Marketing with Icons and Banners

Icons and banners are also powerful marketing tools. Game developers use them to promote updates, events, and special offers. Event-specific banners, for instance, can generate excitement and draw players back into the game. Social media integration of these graphical elements helps spread the word and attract a wider audience.


In conclusion, game icons and banners in ARK: Survival Evolved are more than just decorative elements. They are crucial for navigation, information dissemination, and enhancing the overall player experience. From character and dinosaur icons to resource and weapon icons, each graphical element plays a vital role in the game. Banners, on the other hand, serve to engage players, mark territories, and promote events. The ability to customize these elements further enriches the gaming experience, making ARK: Survival Evolved a visually engaging and highly interactive game.


1. What are the most important icons in ARK: Survival Evolved? The most important icons include character icons, dinosaur icons, resource icons, and tool/weapon icons, as they help players manage their inventory and navigate the game efficiently.

2. How can I customize my game icons and banners? Players can customize icons and banners through in-game options or by downloading community-created content. Various graphic design tools can also be used to create custom designs.

3. Are there community resources for custom icon and banner designs? Yes, there are many community forums and websites where players share their custom designs. These resources provide a plethora of options for players looking to personalize their game experience.

4. What software is best for designing game icons and banners? Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are popular choices for designing game icons and banners due to their extensive features and versatility. Other tools like GIMP and CorelDRAW are also effective.

5. How do icons and banners impact my gameplay experience? Icons and banners enhance gameplay by making it easier to identify and manage items, characters, and resources. They also add to the visual appeal and engagement, making the game more enjoyable.

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