Wrestling with Legs

The Art of Wrestling with Legs Techniques and Strategies for Success


In the world of wrestling, the use of legs as offensive and defensive tools is a skill that can elevate a wrestler’s game to new heights. Incorporating leg techniques into your wrestling repertoire adds versatility and complexity to your approach, giving you an edge over opponents. In this article, we delve into the art of wrestling with legs, exploring various techniques, strategies, and benefits that come with mastering this aspect of the sport.

The Role of Legs in Wrestling

While traditional upper-body techniques like throws, takedowns, and holds are fundamental in wrestling, the inclusion of leg techniques adds a dynamic layer to a wrestler’s toolkit. Wrestlers who harness the power of their legs gain greater control over their opponents, increasing their options for attack and defense.

Offensive Leg Techniques

Single Leg Takedown: One of the most effective leg techniques, the single leg takedown involves grabbing one of your opponent’s legs and driving forward, forcing them off balance and onto the mat.

Double Leg Takedown: Similar to the single leg, the double leg takedown targets both of your opponent’s legs simultaneously. This technique requires explosive power and precise timing.

Ankle Pick: The ankle pick involves reaching down to grab your opponent’s ankle and pulling it towards you, destabilizing their stance and setting up an opening for an attack.

Defensive Leg Techniques

Sprawling: When your opponent attempts a takedown, sprawling involves extending your legs back while keeping your weight on your opponent’s shoulders, effectively preventing them from completing the takedown.

Leg Riding: In this technique, you control your opponent’s leg while riding them on top. It’s commonly used in the sport of amateur wrestling to accumulate points.

Crossface Cradle: By controlling your opponent’s leg and applying pressure to their head and neck, you can execute a crossface cradle, a pinning combination that immobilizes your opponent.

Utilizing Legs for Control

Controlling your opponent’s legs gives you a significant advantage on the mat. By keeping their legs trapped or manipulating their movement, you can dictate the pace of the match and create openings for attacks.

Strategies for Mastering Leg Techniques

Technique Refinement

Mastering leg techniques requires dedicated practice. Focus on proper form, footwork, and balance. Drill the techniques repetitively to develop muscle memory and improve your execution under pressure.

Timing and Setup

Timing is critical when executing leg techniques. Set up your attacks by distracting your opponent with feints, hand fighting, and movement. Once you’ve created an opening, capitalize on the moment with a well-timed leg technique.

Chain Wrestling

Leg techniques can seamlessly flow from one to another. Chain wrestling involves transitioning between different moves based on your opponent’s reactions. For instance, if a single leg takedown is defended, you can switch to an ankle pick or double leg takedown.

Adaptation to Opponents

Study your opponents’ tendencies and adapt your leg techniques accordingly. Some opponents might be susceptible to specific moves, so tailoring your approach can lead to strategic advantages.

Benefits of Wrestling with Legs


Incorporating leg techniques into your wrestling arsenal adds versatility to your game. You can transition from upper-body techniques to leg attacks seamlessly, catching your opponents off guard.

Control and Domination

Leg techniques provide greater control over your opponent’s movements. By immobilizing or manipulating their legs, you can establish dominance and create opportunities for pinning or scoring points.

Strategic Advantage

Wrestlers proficient in leg techniques can exploit openings in an opponent’s defense, leading to effective takedowns and potential pins. This strategic advantage can make a significant difference in a match’s outcome.


Wrestling with legs is a captivating aspect of the sport that requires a blend of technical mastery, strategic thinking, and physical prowess. Whether you’re aiming for powerful takedowns, defensive maneuvers, or controlling your opponent’s movements, incorporating leg techniques into your wrestling repertoire can elevate your performance on the mat. As you refine your skills and engage in relentless practice, remember that wrestling is an art that rewards dedication and innovation. Embrace the challenge, embrace the opportunity to master the art of wrestling with legs, and watch as you gain an edge over your opponents, achieving success and making your mark in the world of this dynamic and exhilarating sport.

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